Leaf vacuum/shredder ALTO EP-500

Leaf vacuum/shredder for public utility companies to clean parks, lawns and roads from litter. You can collect grass, leaves, branches, cones, acorns, plastic boxes and bottles, etc. on a trailer. The vacuum can be easily connected to the cutting deck of a lawn tractor so that when driving with the tractor it is possible to collect leaves, cut grass, plastic containers, bottles and other litter. If you want to collect leaves from a windrow or pile, you can attach a useful hand nozzle to the suction hose. The hand nozzle is equipped with a wheel to make it easier to use. Our leaf vacuum can be easily installed on the drawbars of trailers. A special plate has been created for this purpose. The leaf vacuum on the trailer drawbar and the hand nozzle with the suction hose are attached to the side with supports. If necessary, it is possible to order a longer suction hose and supports.

– Trailer with elevations on which it is possible to mount a vacuum EP-500 (13h.p.), EP-500 (18h.p.).
– Suction nozzle/brush ALTO H-120 which can be secured to the front of a tractor and operated hydraulically.

Why choose the ALTO EP-500 vacuum
– Reliable.
– No lubrication needed.
– You can order the vacuum in accordance with your needs and possibilities.
– The vacuum has a separate shredder, which makes it possible to fit up to three times as many leaves in the trailer.
– The leaf vacuum is fitted with safety switches to ensure safe operation.
– The turbine has a bearing inside that can be replaced using a bolt connection.
– The rotor is made of Hardox 450 steel.