Wood splitter ALTO HH-110

is a hydraulic wood splitter for Nordic wood. The device can be operated from both sides. ALTO HH-110 is the perfect machine for preparing firewood quickly and easily! The control levers are positioned so that the machine can be easily operated from both sides if necessary. This means that the location of the wood is not determined by the machine. One pair of supports can be installed on the machine, which will be located on both sides of the machine. The supports make it easier to split large blocks of wood. The height of the splitting blade can be regulated from both sides of the machine. We produce different types of ALTO HH-110. Our wood splitter is suited for tractor 3-point hitch, drive shaft

with own hydraulic system, petrol engine+ street-legal towable, electric engine +street-legal towable. The blade of the wood splitter is made of HARDOX steel and its height can be regulated. The powerful cylinder with a compressive force of 8 tons ensures good productivity. Thanks to a special valve, the log pusher can be stopped and started where it suits you. There is no need to spend time on regulating the machine if the blocks of wood are of different lengths. For splitting, two different speeds can be used depending on the diameter of the log. A wood splitter that works on a tractor’s hydraulic system and has a hydraulic log lifter and blade lifter requires only one extraction from the rear of the tractor.

We are the first company in the Nordic countries who began to produce hydraulic log lifters and blade lifters as accessories