An ergonomically good solution is to feed the logs into the firewood processing device from working height rather than directly from the ground. At the same time, it significantly increases work efficiency. The ALTO KSK log rack is a light log rack with a capacity of up to 6 cubic meters, durable for processing large quantities of wood. The inclined structure facilitates the delivery of logs to the firewood processor. The adjustable width of the trestle gives flexibility to the length of the logs. The trestle is suitable as an assistant in the production of firewood if you are looking for a log trestle that can be manually fed and easily moved. The standard equipment includes three manual wedge rollers along which to move the log. A hydraulic drive roller can be purchased as an optional extra. The transport roller works together with the in feed conveyor. Up to three hydraulic drive rollers can be added.

Capacity up to 6 m³
Load capacity 3000 kg
Width 1.27 - 1.87 m
Height adjustable
Length 2.35 m
Weight 130 kg
The length of the logs is 2.0-4.0 m
Log diameter up to 38 cm